Stately Homes & Gardens – composed by various artists, published by EMI Production Music’s Juice Music.

Alternative Christmas 2 – produced by Jay Price and published by West One Music.

Salami Dreamers – written by Chris Lewis & Realbrass, published by Altitude Music. This track was heard recently on BBC’s Winter Wipeout.

Hobson’s Choice – The Crucible Theatre, composed by Alex Baronowski

My Big Fat Gypsy Royal Wedding – Composed by Ian Livingstone

Coco Pops Jingle – composed by Steve Lynch of Stellarsound. I’m afraid that you are not mistaken and those are the dulcet tones of Jedward……

The Inspector Calls – Composed by John Elleson-Hartley

The Conductor – soundtrack to a short film composed by Ian Livingstone

Mars TV Advertisement – arranged by Ian Livingstone

Razors Edge – video game soundtrack by Ian Livingstone

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